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Welcome Podcast with Maje saba

Nov 29, 2022

Mitch Swan is a walking Paraplegic who had a horrific motor Bike accident in 2008 that changed his life forever.

Recently completing the hardest half marathon in the world Mitch has proven that through determination and commitment his life

can move forward and prosper at the same time helping people understand the...

Nov 22, 2022

Duke Sneddon started his modelling career as a tradesmen. After accidentally doing some modelling work and realising this 

is what he wanted to do he quit the tools and is now with one of the biggest modelling agencies in the country.

Duke is about to Hit the catwalks of Europe wearing the biggest brands.


Nov 15, 2022

Jodie is a wellbeing keynote speaker and a positive psychology expert. 

Who has recently completed a massive journey driving around Australia with her family.

There is more to being positive than just "thinking positve" at least thats what i thought.

Positive Psychology is growing rapidly and fundamentally shifts your...

Nov 8, 2022

Joe Kwon can still vividly remember the day he was staying at a luxurious Sydney Hotel, hiding money from a major drug deal, when police rammed the front doors. What ensued was a surreal moment after being hit in the head with a rifle.

Joe subsequently spent almost 10 years in prison. 

After prison life Joe went on to...

Nov 4, 2022

Just a quick epsidode of the Podcast, Maje talking about the Death of Grandparents Day at some Public Schools.