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Welcome Podcast with Maje saba

Mar 28, 2023

Dr. Dennis Antiohos is a Materials Scientist, Researcher,Enegry Professional,Technologist and way way smarter than me. I had him on the Podcast to talk about ChatGPT and how i think it wont be too long before someone or something will be hosting this podcast that had its Genesis as some kind of computer code. 🤔

Mar 21, 2023

Every morning, Joseph DeRuvo leaves his Connecticut home to his local bakery without wearing any shoes. In fact, the 59-year-old Pilates instructor claims he has not worn footwear in 20 years. He runs, attends formal events and rides the New York City subway all on his bare feet. DeRuvo decided to forgo wearing shoes...

Mar 14, 2023

John Adams is an Economist who wants to educate people on the impending economic and political upheaval. "Despite what the politicians, corporate leaders and bureaucrats tell you through the media (which they control), we now are heading into some very financially dangerous and difficult times"

In this episode we talk...

Mar 11, 2023

This is a random thoughts episode of the podcast:

I talk about Non binary people Advertising women's swimwear. The tikTok star that loves Crocs. The racehorse who allegedly took cocaine. How to apparently spice up a reality TV Show and how long can you marry yourself?


Mar 7, 2023

Sadly, society still believes that men must hide their struggles in order to maintain control and “be a real man”........Jack heads the Wollongong based charity Talk 2 me bro that has to date impacted 25000 lives, #talk2mebro has just one primary goal and that is to end male suicide. Brothers dont let brothers...