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Welcome Podcast

Jul 5, 2022

Marcus Paul is a broadcaster who hosts his own show on, Marcus Paul in the morning.

The long time broadcaster was left devastated after being fired for asking listeners to answer a trivial question about alleged murder victim Charlise Mutten. 

We reflected on that show and a whole lot more in...

Jun 21, 2022

Michael Theo is a Wollongong based star from The TV show Love on the Spectrum. Michael knew he was different to everyone else but did'nt realise till his mother told him he had Aspergers at age 13.

There is more to Michael Than Love on the Spectrum, the aspiring actor, influencer and very popular Podcaster has a lot to...

Jun 14, 2022

Diana McLaren is a stand up comedian known as the Queen of over sharing. 

From Kiama, but with an American accent Diana had a moment, in Sydney's Kings Cross that led her on the road to comedy.

The struggle for Diana has been long and varied and has fed her performances on stage.

Jun 7, 2022

Hays Daewoud is the founder and Director of Australian Combat and Exercise and Ace Martial Arts. Starting off in the corporate world he soon found himself on the workers treadmill, thinking his destiny was the financial sector. It wasnt until his retrenchment and subsequent tearful drive home he soon realised his forced...

May 31, 2022

Two years after this podcast episode its still one of my most downloaded episodes.

Former Aussie surf star Carmen Greentree talks about being held captive in India for two months as a 22-year-old.

After failing to qualify for the world tour she took a sabbatical to India where she planned to learn from the...